Sunday, October 22, 2006

rainy days and sundays

Sundays are pretty ok in my book. Rain just makes it a whole lot better. We slept in to the incredible , unbelievable time of 8:10. I feel like I may have wasted my entire morning. Not!

It's been a very low key morning, and so I thought I'd pop in to post something--anything--rather than return to doing...nothing.

Hey! We're actually enjoying Sunday the way it's meant to be! After lazing around and having a very sugarladen but tasty breakfast of cafe con leche and ginormous cinnamon buns, we've each retired to our little pursuits. I'm here, of course, updating this and trying to get myself all geared up for National Novel Writing Month, at the persistant urging from Rob at Ink n' Doodles. Christy is off with her music, and Jonathan and John have resumed their work in the basement. I'm sure they'll be up shortly in search of lunch and positive reinforcement for having laid two more tiles and swept a bit.

Actually, I shouldn't mock them too much. They've gotten quite a bit accomplished, and the basement is moving toward completion. I just think it's a wise course of action for me not to entertain thoughts of a completion date.

And, the best news of all, the dog is taking a nap. No chirping at the moment. Here's hoping you have a relaxing Sunday afternoon, too.

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