Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jane Wyatt died!

Wow, I had no clue she was still alive. I would have bet she was like a hundred! In fact, she was 96.

In a moment that links me to The Gilmore Girls, I love the 1950's sitcoms. Father Knows Best was one of my favorites, although I have to admit that I loved Wyatt more as Spock's mother. That weird Vulcan kiss with the finger thingie was a gas.

My other favorite is, of course, Leave It to Beaver. In addition to having a crush on Wally, only to see what a nerd he's grown up to be, I owe my predilection for pearls to that other TV mom, June Cleaver, um, Barbara Billingsley. In fact, I advertise my psychotic intent to really clean house by donning my pearls.


Goldiefish said...

I didn't remember that she had played Spock's mother - she was way better than Debbie Reynolds at that role. She was cooly feminine, yet heartbreakingly compassionate with her son.

Bego said...

Obscure. Debbie Reynolds?