Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm pooped

So it's late and I'm tired. I just posted my blog at Rosary Army about 12 hours late, but it's still Monday, so I'm just gonna let it go.

I've been a bit put out by the problems with blogger, plus, Mondays really kill me with classes straight through. At least I have lunch, but that's filled with responding to email and such, so really, not much of a break.

Although I get to leave at 3 pm, there's still the second shift to consider. I had a meeting at the high school from 3-4:30, and then had to take Jonathan home and haul Christy across town for another meeting. We didn't have dinner until almost 8 pm, which is pretty late for us. Usually, the animals are salivating and licking their chops the minute they get in the car, so tonight they had to wait for me to get back from Salem. Ha!

And! More of the same expected for tomorrow. No treats, just tricks. Oh, and I promised Jonathan some selfish candy--candy for him--not for giving away. We'll see.

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