Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Here's the best part of Halloween: Candy Corn.

Really, I ought to just slide up to the sugar bowl and eat it directly out of there, but there's something so lovely about candy corn. It is the quintessential Halloween candy. It has the right fall colors, lots of orange and yellow. In fact, it has the colors that my beautiful Japanese maple should have right about now.

So, even though I'm not dressing up as anything (I figure, I'm witchy enough on a regular day--why go for the obvious today) I can still enjoy the candy. And there's plenty of it because I gave in and went to get the candy--including Jonathan's selfish candy.

I remember that as a kid, the focus moved quickly to figuring out which house had the best candy. There were always some creepy people who gave out fruit--um, I guess they never got the memo about CANDY. And then there were the ones who gave those weird black and orange peanut butter taffies. I like them now, but for a ten-year-old, c'mon, dig a little deeper in those pockets and come out with the cash for the good stuff. We can't forget the folks who pooh-poohed Halloween altogether, and gave out the tracts about burning in hell because we weren't saved. Gimme a break--no kid in my group was thinking Satanic thoughts---we had to visit as many houses as possible to get the loot!

The big ceremony was at home sorting the stash. There's so much new candy today, but I am partial to memories of the good ole days. Remember the red wax lips? They tasted kind of like licorice. Remember the sugar sticks that looked like a pack of cigarettes, complete with the red tip? Man, what Big Tobacco executive came up with THAT idea? Talk about raising a generation of smokers!!! I hated the Necco wafers, but loved Pixie Sticks. I never did figure out how to suck down all that sugar without clogging up the straw with my slobber.

And of course, the best part about being the oldest is trading all the crummy candy for the good stuff. I'm guessing that won't work anymore. You kids can keep the Sour Skittles and the Gummy Worms. I'm settling in for the night with a bowl of candy corn.


The Jules said...

My mom also likes the candy corn! One year I brought a huge bag of it for Jeremy Wilkerson and he ate the whole thing during calculus. I'm pretty sure he was sick later that day. Don't eat too many!!

Laura said...

I have a weird thing that I love to eat candy corn one color layer at a time. It was a game when I was little how precisely I could bite off each part. I still do it sometimes. It extends to other food as well... saving the cookies in cookies&cream ice cream for last, etc.

Yes, I am quite weird.

cortijo said...

Happy Halloween! Nice picture Laura. How is College life?

Laura said...

Jaime! I saw your picture in the Bulletin yesterday. College life is awesome, but crazy. Incidentally, should you want to check in on my life, I caved to Maria and Linda G's requests and got my own blog :-P bronzedspot.blogspot.com

(p.s. I love you Maria, I'm sure you won't mind me plugging my own blog on your site :-))

Bego said...

BAHAHA. Actually, I saw that you listed me as a must read. Aw, thanks. I'll get around to adding you to my links.

And freaky revelation: I eat my candy corn in layers, too.

cortijo said...

What picture? Thanks for the website.

Bego said...

for vocations--it's a nice picture.

you've signed away your life, ha! now they can use that picture forever!

cortijo said...

LOL, I haven't seen it. Which Georgia Bulletin's date?