Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dancing Monkeys?

One of the things that I really enjoy about my job is, believe it or not, the hours I must spend in my office to be available for students. It's like I get paid to catch up on things that I need to do that are computer related. I write here, in the blog; I write a weekly blog for Rosary Army (my mother reminded me I haven't posted it yet--sorry Mom, I have a new schedule and I teach straight through Mondays, so you'll have to wait-maybe I'll have to turn it into Tuesday Thoughts). I work on some other things, and catch up on grading, too.

My favorite, however, is catching up on my favorite podcasts. I listen to them right off the internet, and it's turned into a great treat for me. This morning I finally listened to the Rosary Army 100th episode while, among other things, putting away laundry at home.

I've reviewed a few things here, some books, a play...the dangerous sport of wheelchair drag-racing in the streets of Atlanta. It makes sense that I should review my favorite podcast.

I got hooked on the Rosary Army Podcast, hosted by Greg and Jennifer Willits, last year when they started it. Actually, Greg got it going, and when Jennifer joined him, the quality improved (ha!) and the show went in a wonderful direction full of spontaneity and humorous banter, with a sprinkling of serious topics affecting families. It's all done under the mantel of Mary's exhoration to "do as He says" so listeners can bank on Roman Catholic content that is faithful to the Church's teachings.

The bonus is that we can hear normal people (okay, the normal part is a bit generous) talk about their lives, their trials, tribulations, and joys, AND be practicing Catholics. It's a lovely example of a young couple living the gospel in the world. Incidentally, there's a great deal of catechesis going on, sometimes direct and prayerful, and other times through their brilliant characters, Captain Catechism and his sidekick, Merry Medal.

The 100th Episode is a must-listen for those of you interested in something better than angry talk radio. Give it a listen. I promise you'll get hooked.

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