Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bumper stickers, quizzes, and dogs

How ironic that I should be once again focusing on dogs. I must be in some other dimension--it's the anti-Bego or something.

A few weeks ago I posted my outrage about a bumper sticker, my child has more chromosomes than yours. This morning, in my driving stupor induced by too many cheesewagons, I came across a new bumper sticker: My child drinks out of the toilet.

I know you all get it. Kudos to you. I did not. At least, not right away. I actually sat there at the red light light and shook my head, huh? To further embarrass myself, there was a little picture of a dog on the bumper sticker. What a loser.

Cue Homer Simpsom: DOH!

Then, I found this quiz in one of those email promotion things that I joined about a million years ago in this spam-catcher email that I have, and I took the quiz:


Loser that I am, I mean, dog lover that I am, I took the quiz.

I came out to be a border collie, which amuses me beyond belief. Chloe! Um, isn't that fantastical? LOL.

Anyway, here's the description: You don't give up and that's your key to success. Though people might not always expect it from you since you're so sociable in the office, you've got success on the brain and you won't stop 'til you get there.

I'd love to share the link with you, but the quiz requires registration, so that's kinda rude. Nevertheless, if anybody is that curious about doing it, here ya go.

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