Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"Come into my parlor," said the spider

So, I am obsessed with this little guy that makes his web in our bushes. We knock him down, he comes back again. It's the eternal struggle, his Sisyphus to my boulder. Whatever. I like his coloring, and the fact that the webs look like those pretty webs that Charlotte makes, and not the messy criss-cross of other spiders.

I took his picture this morning while there was still dew on the web. But that's about where my interest ends. I mean, I'm not going to look him up or anything, in case he's poisonous and then it ruins my joy. As far as I'm concerned, his scientific name is noseynomeimporta, commonly called that big yellow spider in the bushes.


Vicky said...

Argiope aurantia

Apparently this is not a poisonous spider, so no worries. But I bet it would hurt like a beast if it bit you. The female spins a larger web than the male, but the male is the one that spins the distinctive zig-zag design.

Happy reading.


Lisa, sfo said...


Luv the "noseynomeimporta" classification, Maria! Thanks for the mornin' grin. :-)

Brozie said...

We had one in our yard too on the rose bushes. It's a cool looking spider. I assumed poisonous as well because of the markings.

critter said...

love the "scientific" name! :)