Thursday, April 06, 2006

To Post, or Not to Post?

I've actually struggled with sharing this story, lest I come across as some intolerant awful person, and I had a revelation. I am an intolerant awful person. I detest stupidity in all things. It bugs me to no end when I do something stupid. If you've ever seen the comedian, Carlos Mencia, beat himself on the head, that's what I do when I am guilty of stupidity. In others, stupidity drives me mad to the point of distraction.

Today, I'm so distracted by someone else's stupidity, that I will drive you to distraction with it, too. Call it some cosmic need to vent, if you want. Here goes:

After that wacky interview last week, requiring that I suddenly abandon the interview to model my teaching style, I pretty much went home and hung up the possibility. Frankly, I stated in the interview that I wasn't willing to give up the two courses I'm currently teaching, so if they

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