Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Estrogen Night!

So, after spending the day with themselves, the ladies returned to the campground with $57 worth of appetizers, plus an assortment of candy and popcorn, and I think I saw a tub of gummy worms.

It better not be a vomitorium, because there was enough food to feed the Third World. I even asked for a love offering, and couldn't finish the plate. The living room smells like hotwings.

Of course, there was also a $25 trip to Blockbuster for a collection of scary movies and chick flicks. How confusing.

I, of course, made out like a bandit, because I didn't have to cook, and they rented a movie for me, too. I'm afraid I'm going to be sorry about the hotwings later, though.

1 comment:

vicky said...

man. we're hot.