Wednesday, April 12, 2006

12 shots today!

OK< so today, 12 pics of what I do throughout the day. Note that I have a class at 7:45, so you won't see an update until late tonight or early tomorrow. Tough. Get over it.

For your entertainment this morning, though, I'll recount to you last night's adventure.

After a week of classes with substitutes, my students were happy to meet me, and actually have a lesson. It's a 2 hour class, and after about the first hour, in the middle of giving them the criteria for an assignment, the lights went out. No way...another wasted evening for everyone. They insisted I finish giving them instructions in the dark, so they finished taking notes. In the dark.

They illuminated the room with the light from their cell phone displays! It was amazing. I've never seen anythinglike that. Man, I was the one ready to pack it in, and those guys were busy scribbling in the dark and telling the security guy kicking us out to hold on a minute. Classic.

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