Thursday, March 16, 2006

Luly and Victor are world famous artists!

Hey guys, these pictures will be viewed in places as far away as Tasmania (it really exists--not just in cartoons!) and Hong Kong (I think that's just because of Rob) and who knows where else.

First, it's young Victor T., esquire, and his lovely tribute to citrus. Note the intensity of yellow marker, criss-crossed with foliage and orange blossoms. It speaks of spring, and youthfulness, and a new box of fresh markers.

Next, is an elegant self-portrait by none other than Princess Luly, of a long line of princesses from the House of Critter. Note the humble demeaner of an otherwise stellar young lady, bedecked in a flowing gown of pink and green, and wearing the very royal Princess Slippers with magical powers. She is musing on the verdant fields behind her, and whether she should take out her horses for an afternoon ride.


besitos, Tia Bego

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