Sunday, March 26, 2006

grumble, grumble

Hurray! On the one hand, me and the other parents are celebrating the last day of the play. It has been a wild Seuss-like run, with plenty of joy and plenty of unexpected twists. It's always the same with all the kids' plays--the build-up, the performances, and then...the letdown. After hoping for an end, it's here, and it's sad.

Get over it cupcake.

I'm grumbling about the parents, and I'm venting it here! After 13 years of school (Vicky graduates this year) I have managed to avoid being the parent in charge of the present for the teacher. That is, until now.

Yes, I am charged with the unpleasant task of approaching people I don't know and have been relatively unseen in this whole process, and extort money from them. The usual suspects whip out the wallets and pay up on day one; it's the invisibles that are a pain.

Alas, I need to figure out a way to stretch the piddling pennies I've collected. Too bad there won't be a miracle of the nickels and dimes.

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