Sunday, March 05, 2006

The compressor died, and other bad news

Five hundred dollars! For a teeny tiny little motor. What a racket. There is good news with the bad, as the darn fridge is still under warranty for parts. Of course, they nailed us with a charge for walking through the door, and then, because they had to order the part, will nail us again on Tuesday for labor. At least we had the little dorm fridge in the basement--that's made a lovely addition to the kitchen for the weekend.


The Samurai came back with an injury yesterday. She took the full impact of a lacrosse ball right smack in the face. No impressive bruises or cuts, just a bit of chipmunk swelling. I suggested she block a goal with the stick next time.

In reality, there was a penalty for illegal propel, which basically means the other chick stood in front of Christy and aimed for her head. I don't ever want to hear anybody criticize me again for biting off a corner of my nails during a basketball game.


Well, birthday weekend is sort of under way, in abbreviated bursts and good intentions. This morning we're off to breakfast as a family, and for the three days of birthday weekend, that'll mark the only time we're all together. Ah, so many signs of the beginning of the end. I guess I'm practicing for future posts about the empty nest.

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Christy said...

my face indeed still hurts.

thank goodness im only half a chipmunk. but which half?

chip? or munk?

a random thought for your cup of coffee.