Monday, March 27, 2006

The arts not for old farts

So, I have to post this because I just got back from Carmina Burana. It was brilliant. Awesome. Incredible. Lacey R has an exquisite voice, and overall, a magnificent show. Kudos and accolades to the kids.

Really, there isn't enough room here to go on about how much I enjoyed the show. This school system has such an excellent arts program. Why go into Atlanta? The best shows are here.

OK, no more gushing. Well, one more. The show was awesome.

Nevertheless, I do have some observations to share. They are tongue in cheek, but have a grain of truth to them:

  • Young and nubile conductors ought to recognize that they will be waving their arms, and there are consequences to that.
  • The translation of the libretto was included in the program. Did the parents of those little kids know what they were singing?
  • The old guy that sang the part of a roasting duck was brilliant. He actually turned red.
  • An old guy actually sang the part of a roasting duck.
  • Why is there a roasting duck singing in an opera?
  • The back of the program has a little history of the goliard, which is an "earthy" poem. That is code for raunchy. Goliards comprised most of the lyrics in this opera.

Anyway, that's my review of the show. Even the audience was excellent--no cell phones, no hooting, no ridiculous rude behavior. Perhaps the word never got out that it was to be an earthy show.

Maybe the kids just need to sing more in Latin.

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