Thursday, February 16, 2006

Powerball at US $363 million

That's an insane amount of money. US $363 million! Wow. Really, I can't wrap my mind around that kind of money.

What would you do with it?

Oh sure, friends and family would be well taken care of, and I'd like to see the priest's face when that tithing envelope hits the desk. In fact, I think the fun of having such an obscene amount of money would be in the anonymous distribution of it. The problem is, how to be anonymous.

Mt husband and I have lain awake on numerous nights, playing the pretend game of spending a giant lottery winning. I wonder, though, just what happens to these people who win big.

I've heard stories about people squandering the money, and then finding themselves in debt, or living beyond their means and having to cut back after becoming accustomed to a different life style. I've heard of families and friends breaking up because there wasn't enough "sharing" or "appreciation" shown over the gifts. Hmmm.

It's all hearsay of course. Is that human nature making up those stories from the proverbial sour grapes syndrome? Or is there truth to not valuing what isn't earned?

The quick answer is I'd like to find out for myself! What a joy to travel anywhere in the world, for as long as I like. Don't think for a moment that I wouldn't charter a plane to Australia first thing, and make my way back home following Marco Polo's adventures across Asia to Europe and then into South America, making a pit stop at the South Pole and heading up through the Andes to the Rockies and hitting the North Pole. Yeah. What an adventure!

Of course, then what? What new dreams? What new adventures?

I'll go buy that ticket and find out. Heck, I'll buy five and give up an artery clogging meal at Micky D's. And because Jimmy the Greek was right, the house has the odds stacked in its favor, I'll go home, dream a little dream, and wake up tomorrow no closer to the Great Wall, but as carefree as a kite, waiting for the next great breeze.

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