Wednesday, May 21, 2008

lunch buffets and bathrooms

So I'm really concentrating on the things in my life for which I am grateful. I guess I could say an education--I mean, I was gonna write "grateful for" but I didn't because I would have ended my sentence with a preposition, and thankfully (and perhaps gratefully) I have an education.

Wow. That was really random and rambling. It's also not what I am noting in my grateful post today. Nope.

I am grateful for living in a country where I can have goofy posts like the above, and ranting angry posts about things that annoy me, and everything in between. I am grateful that while many view this as a culture of excess, that I was able to not only work hard, but get rewarded for that hard work with a decent job that has adequate wages that enable me to indulge in some excesses sometimes.

Today, I am really really really grateful for indoor plumbing. It's a rather long route to get to that, but thanks to my awesome job (today, it's awesome, check tomorrow for a possible change) a textbook company lauded the staff with a delicious lunch/book fair. Ha! Nobody really looked at the books, but we ate like beasts! Somehow, I drank a whole lot of sweet tea. I don't even like sweet tea, so there's probably a post in that about group behavior.

Anyway, I drank an awful lot of sweet tea.

Post #3 I am grateful for indoor plumbing.

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Stephen said...

I don't drink coffee, but when offered a cup at an interview, i accepted.

Caffeine gives me arthritis. It hurt for four days. I said, "never again". But i'd said that before, and have continued repeating it.

It's not just the group dynamics, though. I take about a 50 point IQ hit going into interviews. It's all i can do to keep from drooling. And that's because of special training. It's amazing to me when i get hired.