Wednesday, April 02, 2008

We got cable and I was sucked into the black hole of HGTV

I've been really entertained in the evenings while waiting for the kiddoes to get home. In addition to HGTV, I admit that I also like the food network. Weird, I know.

Tonight I was watching something...I don't know what. The truth is, most of those HGTV shows are pretty much the same. Anyway, this show was prepping a home for an open house. There was a carpenter named Deus.

Seriously? GOD? The guy's name is God?


Linda G said...

Put down that clicker and walk away.

Julie said...

You got CABLE!??! How long has it been? Wow. Cool beans.

;-) said...

Ha1 Jules, since before you guys graduated. We've had it 2 weeks. Linda is correct, I need to walk away.