Sunday, April 13, 2008

My brain recovered

Only, it started to implode again from a totally different scenario.

We have mystery holes in the yard. We thought maybe it was a snake issue, but the holes don't go anywhere. They are shallow little pockets scattered all over the place!

It's like some small light-weight prankster has hopped across the yard on a pogo-stick.

Yesterday, I saw a chipmunk scurry across the yard and jump straight into the bushes in my neighbor's yard, and today I researched random holes and discovered that chipmunks make those kinds of holes.

The other culprit could be a pine vole.

Pine vole? At least Chip and Dale are cute. I'm not so sure about a vole.

Of course, I'd really rather entertain the idea of Martians hopping around on pogo-sticks.

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