Monday, April 21, 2008

Is Oprah the anti-christ?

I know that title sounds a bit incendiary. Maybe I mean it, a little bit. I'm just amazed by the power she wields. Usually, I don't give her too much thought. I don't watch the show. It's not some kind of cool posturing--you know--the kind that when you're young you listen to awful dissonant music because it's the cool thing to do. Not like that. I just don't watch a lot of tv. Unless you count HGTV. Yeah, but that's not real tv.

Anyway, I was saying that Oprah seems to have a lot of power.

I know this because I had a student tell me that she was voting for Obama because Oprah said so. True story.

Anyway, tonight I was reading about how to buy jeans for body types and it had a link. When I fillowed the link, it took me to the Oprah website. Evidently, while I don't watch the show, I am not immune to the information on her website. I was sucked in and quite entertained when all of a sudden, the website was closed down for a LIVE WEB EVENT.


It turns out that Oprah has some on-line school for improving people's lives. Hmm. Somehow, I just don't get why a celebrity is qualified to mold society. And yet, that seems to be the case.

To think that I thought Church of Oprah was a joke.

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