Saturday, February 02, 2008

my niece has jell-o in her hair, and other imponderables

Lucky for me I have plenty of Aussie wine, courtesy of the Famous Smiths of Australia.
It's been one of those weeks where I haven't really had a moment to sit down and relax. It's been moving from one thing to another, and as it happens, they just keep piling on until the week becomes a blur. It's the kind of situation where the saving grace is a good sense of humor because you don't dare ask "what next?"

Today, in a brief but hysterical conversation with Mary Alice, I learned that no matter what woes we've gone through with Jonathan's hair--first watching it grow out into an afro-puff, and then finding the right kind of temporary dye to turn it gray so that it actually looks gray from the audience, regardless of the nastiness one sees up close--it's nothing compared to what Anna sufferes through to get her hair right for synchronized swimming. She applies Knox gelatin to her hair. Evidently it hardens into a hard mass. Yeah, because helmet hair is where it's at. Somehow, though, I can't mock the child--she has a talent for dance. Mom, however, is not off-limits and I am tickled by the thought of Mary Alice sitting at a picnic table sewing sequins onto a bathing suit! I've done my share of weirdness and indignities, but Mary wins, hands down.

We've met the new priest, Father Peter, a nice enough guy, if a bit hard to understand. He has a pretty thick accent (and I am remiss in not remembering if he is Korean or Vietnamese) but anyway, had lunch with him and the seniors, and he made himself very understood when he asked for a hook up of Cuban cigars. I dig him already.

The insane Ragtime musical is back on this weekend in anticipation of next week's production at the state thespian conference. That should be entertaining--John is chaperoning again, bahahaha.

Still reeling from some scary news about a dear friend, and so making light of the world and sneaking it in between funny takes of my week. It certainly added to the anxiety level.

I did the most odious thing in the world and started marketing the mother project in the area. I started with nice people that I know, but that only lasts for a while, eventually I have to break out into the real world of people who could care less. I'll note that I got over the first hurdle of being afraid to share my writing, but have run smack into the wall of now having to market my stuff. Yikes! I'm so much happier sitting in my room in the dark. In fact, what the hell was I thinking when I first signed my name to something I wrote? Alas, too late now.

And finally, have to share a picture of Suki, who knows she's not supposed to sit on the furniture, but does so anyway. I love this picture, taken on Jonathan's phone---but I understand there's an even better one on Christy's camera. I think it captures my mood--I want to just go sit somewhere, maybe with a glass of wine, and just ponder. That's all, just find that solitary moment and enjoy it. Funny, isn't it? I could be a dog for an afternoon.

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