Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Realism in the movies?

I was watching the 1952 film, Ivanhoe, a fantastic adventure story set in 12th century England. If you like the Robin Hood type stories, this one is great. Only, read the book.

I couldn't get past the awful costumes. Really. Besides the glaring fact that the clothes worn by these knights are pristine, colorful, pressed, and brand new-looking, they have random patches placed in strange places where it is unlikely that the clothes would require a neatly placed patch.

It has driven me to distraction. That, and the odd choice by the costume designers to place Stars of David all over the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor.

And Wamba is like the Dudley Moore character, Arthur.


Anonymous said...

Why would we want to read the book? We already have the movie! And it has Joan Fontaine and Elizabeth Taylor (Before her 45 marriages).

Jellybean's guy

Mike Kuypers said...

Ignore the eye candy and just enjoy the beautiful Miklos Rozsa score.