Sunday, January 20, 2008

I thought this was interesting

The other day, Vic and I were talking about art, specifically, music and experimental things. Years ago, John gave me season tickets to the New World Symphony. He went to about half of the performances before he finally suggested that I could invite my friends (and let him off the hook for the rest of the season, LOL, I love the big lug). Anyway, I invited my mother-in-law one evening, because she had expressed an interest in music, but also confessed that she didn't have much of a critical ear. Instead of selecting a performance that she would enjoy, we went with the day she had available.

Teehee. Bad call. The first half of the evening was great. She recognized some Mozart...and went into some 20th century dissonant experimental stuff. I could see out of the corner of my eye that she cringed a bit in her seat before playing it off and being all cool about it. She didn't relax until I leaned over and confessed that I thought it was awful. Luckily, we got a cleansing with some lovely Haydn.

Anyway, Vic and I were discussing a piece called 4'33". You should go listen to it now.

All of this backstory is here to illustrate that I enjoy quirky and unusual things. This short film here fits into that category. Enjoy.


Christy said...

I'm never going to get those 3 minutes and 16 seconds back. Thanks mom.

Mike Kuypers said...

Christy, you can have 3 minutes and 16 seconds of my life. I enjoyed the film very much.

critter said...

did you notice the 4 year old had the most fun? ... that's what we're living now with Victor ... I've vowed to see him as "creative" and "carefree" and to enjoy him as much as possible (can you remind me of this when I'm going insane?)... someday I'll look back and wonder where that unique kid is.
btw, I also noticed that the 44 year old had a blast as well...that's where you are now...;)
something about 4's.
thanks..I enjoyed it! :)