Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jesse Jackson, WTF?

So, like many people, I am following the Writers Guild of America strike. There's all kinds of news swirling around, so typically I go to their site to see what's happening. This afternoon, as I coasted through to see if there's good news on the horizon, I encounter this article, which states in passing that Jesse Jackson was there.


I mean, WHY?

Really, this guy never held any sway with me anyway, but what in the world is he doing walking that picket line? Oh wait, the media is there. What was I thinking. and here I thought he was actually doing a good thing.

Then it dawned on me. His speech writers are the greatest fiction writers in the industry. Now I get it. Silly me.

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Lisa, sfo said...

ROTFLMAO. Ah, I love your sarcastic abilities, Maria. Nobody else can toss out such zingers with the skill and abundances as you. :-D