Thursday, November 22, 2007

aaaaah. I love my recliner.

Just sat down after a long day of cooking and cleaning and chilling. We had a weird and random Turkey Day feast of ham, black beans and rice, sweet potato casserole, corn, Italian sweet bread (think pan de media noche), and a bunch of experimental desserts that turned out pretty good. I made tocino del cielo, which I'm not a fan of, but John likes, and I made capuchinos, which were a hit and surprisingly easy to make. Christy made key lime pie, and there's a huge piece waiting for me tomorrow.

Dinner was late because Vic's friends joined us after they had hit several homes for a cultural variety. It was a delightful meal, and Nigel smiled for a picture, and poor David had to suck down a shot of Limoncello (and Effy got into the action with a taste). Even Susan K. joined us for a round of mockery and incoherence.

All in all, a pleasant evening. Even Suki participated.

And afer a turbo kitchen cleaning, me in the sink and Jonathan drying and putting away, I am relaxing in the recliner watching a movie with Vic and updating the blog.

Contentment is the word for the moment. Satisfaction. I have no longing for anything other than my family, our quiet lives, and maybe a little foot massage. That would be nice.

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