Monday, October 08, 2007

Well, it's Monday

That pretty much says it all. Most federal employees are celebrating Columbus Day today, but I am a state employee, so my butt is sitting behind a desk, working.

I've been decluttering a bit, around the house, in my head, my desk.

My email!

Of all the odious duties, I think email is the worst. There is no magical solution to that. If I knew it, I could retire, as I expect that all of you have the same problem.

I embrace the delete button. If only we could apply that to other nuisances in our lives.

Speaking of's gem from the classroom:
"Do I have to read the assigned chapters, or just skim them?"


Anonymous said...

Another great future citizen, no doubt.


Vicky Johnson said...


update already.

or i will ask ridiculous questions in email format to all my professors.