Friday, October 12, 2007

October 12 of 12 v. 2.0

Check out Chad Darnell's brilliant project here. In a nutshell, everybody who is anybody is taking 12 pictures of their day, and in an international adventure, posting the pics for all the world to see. Check what we all did today, and join us next month with your own contribution!

7 am Suki has a bed. She'd just rather sleep in any other place. Even if it's next to it.

7:05 Some people are just grumpy in the morning.

10 ish Catching up on my favorite podcasts. Funny Buttons!

1 ish That is the back side of Stone Mountain. The sculpture is on the other side.

2:30 Returning phone calls while John runs errands.

2:45 Random artsy fartsy picture because I liked the angle and I wasn't driving.

3 ish. The best barista in town serving up his usual friendly smile. Go Moose!

3 ish Drinking the best coffee in town. See the little cup? He learned to make cortaditos!

3 ish-laterish after coffee Picking up Jonathan's suit for the homecoming dance tomorrow.

(Cheat--last weekish) The Missing One needs to make an appearance or she calls me on it--she's currently in Miami for the GT v. Miami game. Who will win?

4:30 Jonathan scarfing my leftovers.
6:30 The sibs on the way to the homecoming game. Jonathan sang the national anthem. We had no idea it was against the cross town rivals, so we saw his pretty self in the press box but couldn't pick out his sweet voice! The crowd was gigumbous!
Bonus: Orange. Couldn't bring myself to show the 'Canes given tomorrow's game, but go figure that John pretty much likes anybody that beats the Georgia Bulldogs.


Rob Williams said...

GO VOLS!!! :)

ChadDarnell said...

Great pics! I can't believe it's Homecoming time! I used to always remember Homecoming as being a cold time of year. And of course it's always warm here.

Thanks for doing it!


Anonymous said...

He DOES look very friendly - what a smile!

Helen, 12 of 12er (Devon)

Zippy said...

Moose looks like a great dude to hang out with!

Poun said...

Great pics !

i love your artsy fartsy picture :-D

Dogeared said...

I'm "Sammy" on the NaNo boards, if you want to buddy up!

Helen (12 of 12er)

snowelf said...

Hehe! I love how your dog won't sleep in her bed. ;) Aren't pets funny like that!


Anonymous said...

Great pics. :)