Tuesday, October 02, 2007

If my life had a soundtrack...Phantom of the Opera would be playing

Ok, that's because I am currently blaring it. It's one of those late nights when I am a sitting duck in anticipation of students and their needy questions. It's all about customer service, and I am here to serve the customers, um, or something. That's me in the stocks.

I continue to be astounded by the nature of the questions. Really.

Meanwhile, the Phantom is bemoaning his existence. I have no Christine to sing for. It's a bleak evening.

Some highlights:
  • I finished filing. That'll last until Thursday afternoon.

  • I scored 10 million points on Pinball. I am a beast.

  • The candy machine is stocking my favoritest candybar, Zero. Yummy. I bought one and scarfed it down. It took the edge off the questions.

  • I am all caught up on grading (nevermind I haven't assigned anything yet).

  • My nephew called to tell me he's coming over later. They live 700 miles away. [smile]

  • I burned my bottom lip on a hunk of melted pizza cheese. I sat and watched youtube videos and peeled off the dead skin. That is sick.

  • Decided to whine here, to give Laura an opportunity to tell me to suck it up.

That is all.


Laura said...

Poor baby...

Revenge is sweet.

PurpleP said...

Who is this Christine you speak of?