Sunday, September 09, 2007

with apologies to my friends in South Bend

This article is why, as a composition and rhetoric professor, I have always told my students the BEST examples of what formal academic writing IS NOT can be found on the sports pages. I beg them not to write like this in the classroom.

It is also why MY FAVORITE kind of writing can be found on those very pages.

Here's to all the sports writers in the universe. This guy is a champion (second only to my boyfriend).


L said...

I need to stop investing so much emotional energy in football. When some stupid sports column makes me cry because I know that my Irish are awesome, just treated like crap by more than their normal share of critics this season, there are issues. At least Mich and ND won't both be 0-3 after next weekend. The most frustrating part is that I know we have SO MUCH potential if we would just quit listening to everyone trying to tell us that we're worthless.

Bego said...

Oh, poor Laura! This is perhaps the meanest, cruelest, [funniest]article I've seen yet. Don't take it personally; it was just hyperbole.

PurpleP said...


Goldiefish said...

Being in the spotlight makes a person or a team vulnerable to cheers as well as jeers and for fans some tears.