Wednesday, September 12, 2007

September 12 of 12 v.2

Join the adventure across the world as we all share 12 pictures of our day. It's time for Chad's 12 of 12. Check out the rules and the official listing of all the participants here.

6:10 AM: A morning Still Life. Guess which one of the three is the essential item. If you said "coffee" you win!

7:10 AM: Amused beyond belief, track one was especially meaningful. Sometimes people just don't know how to help themselves.

7:20 AM: This guy happily watches over me while I make copies. It's a relief to know somebody in the building has a sense of humor.

10:10 AM: Done with classes for the term! Now to grade papers and do some other stuff, but first, some green tea.

11:00 AM: After great feedback from Greg about a script, worked out some changes and additions. Now it's ready to really be ripped apart!

3:10 PM: Leaving work. This is my parking space. In front of a fence. Lovely view, no?

3:15 PM: Stopped for gas and perhaps the most repulsive, offensive QuikTrip in the history of the universe. It's a very busy store with good prices and odious employees. The customers are the rudest people in America. I don't have strong feelings about this establishment at all. Of course, I have no scruples when it comes to cheap gas.

4:ish PM: Having a lovely ichat with my dad. We shared somepictures and some generally entertainng commentary.

6:ish PM: Evidently Doug feels a need to get beat on Scrabulous again. I can say that because this is my 12 of 12.

6:40 PM: I discovered these faux-PopTarts. They're OK. When you're hungry. Really.

&:30 PM: Rode the bike for like 20 minutes. Did about 5k. I feel totally stupid. I didn't realize someone had reset it for kilometers, and thought I was doing miles. I'm a loser.

9:00 PM: watching the kitschy Last Starfighter. It looks like they recycled the set of Space:1999. I miss that silly show!


Linda said...

That sounds like something I'd do on the bike, hehehe....

Great 12!

Bonnie said...

LOVE the alien who guards your copier. Hee!!!!

Poun said...

Hehe that alien is very funny !
and i don't think anyone as scruples when it comes to cheap gas!!!

beth said...

Great pics! :)

But really...does a car NEED a view?

Picnicpalooza said...

Great 12 of 12

Andy E said...

Sorry about the late post, I'm still playing catch up.

Lovely pics. That alien would really creep me out if I wasn't paying attention. I hope the scrpting goes well!

Although you don't know how good you have it at the pumps. In the UK they force us to have our hands on the trigger all the time by removing the catch.