Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Who put the ME in media?

David Kemper of The DIGITAL Archive gave a fantastic interpretation of what he calls the new ME-dia at his blog, and I encourage those of you interested in this phenomena to check it out.

I've had numerous conversations with Greg where I pose the same question: who are these people and why are they watching you on ustream?

I have to admit, I'm usually the first one there. That I have a vested interested in the project is obvious, but beyond that, I think I have a real fascination with the whole ustream thing. I mean, I watch this live broadcast, and at the same time, am participating in a running commentary with people who sometimes only have an anonymous number identifying them, generally have a nickname, and in a few cases, reveal their real names. It's crazy!

And engaging.

It's true that a virtual community has arisen from this, and the people are as real as me. And you.

Check it out. Once you get past asking the question, like me, it becomes really fascinating and fun.


dkemper said...

Bego, thank you very much for reading and for your kind words.

S said...

Thanks Bego. You nailed it here. I have spoken to several people this summer about the emerging community around SQPN and Rosary Army. I think something special is happening here. The whole web2.0/ podcasting world is trying to figure out how community fits in the new media picture. As Catholics, we may have answers because we have 2000 years experience in forming belonging to communities to draw upon.

Sean aka ductapeguy