Monday, August 13, 2007

Finally, the August 12 of 12 (version 2.0)

Ok folks, we all know Chad is brilliant--check out his site for the skinny on this awesome project.

Meanwhile, I'm operating on what I can only call a tape delay. Well, more accurately, a data delay, as I misplaced my memory stick.

So here goes: what I did on Sunday, August 12th

We got up early and went to church, thinking we'd go to breakfast afterward. Well, we did, only in an unexpected way. The ladies had a bake sale, so we indulged in banana bread, and inexplicably, HALF an angel food cake.

We went to the covered bridge to picnic for breakfast. You may recognize it as the location for the latest episode of That Catholic Show.

Muffins...and a not so brilliant move to have milk in the heat wave...but it was a good breakfast.

It looks like that weird Star Trek: The Next Generation oil alien that ate Tasha Yar. Only, not. It was a forest fire. Really. It was up a ways on the trail, and at first we thought it was the aftermath of some controlled burning, but we realized that it didn't have any evidence of ditches--this piece was actually moving across the trail. The black is burned up wood chips and the gray is ash. We saw flames so we did our civic duty ad contacted our friendly neighborhood fire department.

The area is like a tree cemetary.

On our way home we passed a double-wide advertising yard eggs. If anyone knows what this is, please leave a comment to enlighten me. We had to double back to get the picture, as proof.

This Georgia heat wave is just wiping out the possibility of doing anything after 10 AM, so we went home and crashed around the house. I popped in a movie and proceeded to do some filing.

And shredding. I love shredding. It soothes my aggression.

I found this playbill from a hundred years ago. My uncle Jorge, the coolest uncle in the universe, got this autograph for me when I was majoring in the ever useful and marketable medieval literature as an undergrad. He's a musician and won't bother the artists for autographs, but actually hung around the stage door for this one. I've got George Hearn from La Cage Aux Folles, too. (separate note, I could listen to that all day).

After a long afternoon of filing and pretty much blowing off any writing that I should have done, I went back to my desk to check on a couple of books I've released on for print on demand. You can find them here and here. It's been a struggle for me to figure out how to do this self-publishing, but I'm confident that I'm gaining the skills necessary to put out a composition textbook through this venue. I just finished writing it, and have to format it and stuff, and then, woohoo, I'll be using it in the classroom instead of those generic things that don't serve my student population. I can't believe I'm excited about rhetoric. LOL

And finally, Vicky descended upon us, with a cameo appearance by Meredith. We were sitting outside watching the meteors when they pulled up, hungry (I made them midnight ham sandwiches) and ready to pack for moving into the dorms today.

It was a long day. I got up at 6 am to get ready for church, and went to bed after 1 am. It turned out too be a lot less boring than I thought.

UPDATE: My editor the Big Floating Head noted that I typed too many "o's" in "to." I think he could be doing other things.


Anonymous said...

Awesome shots! I hope the fire didn't do too much damage!!

Vicky Johnson said...

does this work?

Vicky Johnson said...

yay!!! my comments are working!!! i like the pictures. of me and meredith :)

Pete said...

Wow Richard Burton that's cool, nice pics Maria!

critter said...

your desk looks GREAT!