Monday, July 30, 2007

adding indignity to injury

After a trying week that included, how does one put this delicately, unemployment, a three-vehicle pile-up (no injuriues, thank God), a failed emissions test, and culminated with the dog dying, I awoke this Monday morning feeling confident that things would turn around this week.

One could say that I am channeling positive thoughts. Then I found out that the cannibalistic cyclids attacked the angel fish over night, and he was dead this morning, half-eaten.

Not to be deterred, I proceeded with my day, fearful that I would fail the emissions test this afternoon. I have a mechanic par excellence, and he came through for me. The Loser Cruiser passed the test. The State of Georgia was once again able to stick it to me with the tag renewal fees.

And then, while leaving the tag agency, perhaps too cocky after winning this particular round against the fates, a bird shit on my head.

"Oh, the pain, the pain."
Dr. Zachary Smith, Lost in Space

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