Thursday, June 28, 2007

it's all about me!

Not one for gratuitous self-promotion...ok, now that the laughter has died down...check out Wency's blog "Let's Go...Slaho." It's funny and entertaining, and best of all, dedicated to me today.

Yeah, give the guy some traffic, post a comment or 10, give him some love. Anybody with a name long enough to get two nicknames deserves the attention.

After all, his name is Wenceslao.

Don't ever make a snide comment about my name.

1 comment:

Wency said...

thanks for returning the love... I really do appreciate your comments. It keeps me grounded and inspired at the same time. Here's to continued inspiration and a large dose of creativity for all!! I hope Rob reads this... we need his creative juices to get going again!!!