Monday, May 07, 2007

I'm soooo behind

I posted a Monday Musings over at Rosary Army. It's a lame post--I'm a slacker, get over it. The article is weak, not the point--lest you want to interpret my disgust with the lapse in brilliance with a lapse in faith.

The Missing One is home. Happy to have her back--wish some of her stuff went missing. Ordinarily, she has no problem accumulating crap. I am astounded by 9 months accumulation packed into her bedroom and office, this is a new record. There is a kind of cosmic retaliation going on--or is it karma. it seems that her missing roommate made it easy for her to expand all over the room. Evidently, Little Sister has, too, and thus the terrestrial space race has begun.

It doesn't matter who is going to win, I choose to close the door and be done with it. The best comment of the weekend? "I am donning a HAZMAT Suit and cleaning the bathroom."

In other, there is no other news. My life is consumed by the homefront. I'll make another promise to post pictures, with the full intention of never getting around to it.

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mami said...

Welcome back! Ahora tu cuarto esta siempre recogido y yo... extra├▒o el reguero y a quien lo mantenia regado. Animo!!