Thursday, April 12, 2007

April 12 of 12 (2.0)

I'm sure there's a geeky place somewhere that I could use to figure out how to make the date a Star Trek stardate. Why, because looking at the title with version 2.0 somehow messes with my feng shui.

Anyway, if you're new to this whole 12 of 12 thing, you must have just emerged from a cave or something. but for the record, here's everything you need to know about it. Now go do it, or at least check out what everybody else around the world is doing today, April 12th.

Running too late to stop for a cup of java on the way to work, I opt for zapping some milk and making cafe con leche.

It's still a cup to go, but it does make the morning commute more bearable. At least this time, you see my cup holder and not the obligatory tail lights.

Somehow the desk looks the same. That's my fault, as I was far more interested in a script than in lesson plans.

An early dinner at Cracker Barrel, courtesy of a visit by the Missing One.

Here I thought she was being serious, and this is what I get. Silliness supreme.

What is that? Disapproval? Condescension? Just plain incredulity?

Next fall's housing arrangements were posted, and she ended up precisely where she didn't want to be. Time to activate the Star and fix it. Fast.

This is the bonus picture: TAG

I thought she was done with tagging her hands with reminders, but there it is.

Nigel. Smiling? Hmmm

Oh look, I DO have three chirren.

I loaded up my favorite podcasts from and...
checked in at my favorite websites before checking out for the night, pooped!


Anonymous said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

glad you posted. it's fun to see fellow atlantans.

CondoBlogger said...

Cool shots! Fellow Atlanta 12 of 12er here!

Vicky Johnson said...

oye tu! glad to see evidence of the third child....especially since its me.

i am particularly upset about the fact that nigel will 1.) pose for pictures when you take them and 2.) SMILE when you take the pictures. he will do neither of those for me.

on a side note, had my lunch with the AD just now. and he's talking to his people to see what they can do. all is good in the world of my star. i shall keep you posted.

♥ vicky

rob said...

Great 12 of 12... Thanks for posting the Ink 'n Doodles link.
By the way... what did you think of my interview?

Bego said...

Rob, I hadn't seen the new one. Alas, I am manually syncing instead of using the feed because VISTA...(I don't need to go on about THAT).

I catch it later today and post an appropriate celebratory comment!

Anonymous said...

took me a week to see twelve of twelve ,thanks enjoyed it and made my day guess who.