Sunday, March 11, 2007

What a full Saturday!

Non-stop, really.

First, we attended Abigail's baptism, which was lovely and sweet, and then crashed the godparent's house for an afternoon of continuous snacking. The trouble with snacks is that I want to taste everything, and it just goes round and round from there. And then I get round and round....

There was plenty more running around--Christy had to be at school to catch the bus for Augusta. They won their lacrosse game, 18-0, which is a lousy thing to do after getting rousted like that last week, but I guess the coach had her reasons. Some defensive players tried out attack and scored, and they tried some other things.

John hauled Jonathan up to Winder for the Literary Meet, where the Quartet performed in an extraordinarily bland way, and gave a painful performance. Too bad for them, but there was some trouble with focus and other silly stuff that....well, again, I don't know I would have put up with and so there's next year to look forward to.

On a high note, the GaTech Drama group closed their run of Stephen Sondheim's musical Assassins last night. Just to round out my backseat coaching, not a topic I'd necessarily get excited enough to write a musical about-- presidential assassinations, but it worked. Rather nicely. It was funny and sad, and the characters were terrific.

And Eryn continues to have a marvelous voice. Two thumbs up. I didn't get the toaster, though.

It made for a long day, but it was lovely.

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