Monday, March 19, 2007

Real Life...Uma...and Bloggers

I haven't watched television in a little over two years. I have to admit, it was difficult at first, but eventually I got over it. I don't even miss the news anymore. It has opened up a lot of free time that I have managed to fill in other ways that aren't necessarily any more noble, but then again, free time is free time.

Before you think I'm all intellectual and thumbing my nose at TV, I readily admit that I do enjoy some shows on DVD. I have one Miss Elaine, and her big sis to thank for an addiction to The Gilmore Girls, and I watch that in marathon sessions, even though the show has gone to crap.

Anyway, I don't need television dramas--not when real life is far more amazing. One thing that I have done, is really immersed myself into a few blogs that I read often. I haven't linked to them because, in at least one case, the blogger prefers that I not, but the rest aren't listed because...well, because I haven't gotten around to listing them. I should do that soon.

One of those blogs I discovered through playing the 12 of 12 adventure. OK, several of those blogs I discovered from the 12 of 12. The one I'm talking about is a casting director in California named Bonnie Gillespie, who evidently has some ties to Atlanta, so that's cool enough for me. The funny thing is, I really have no interest in the acting thing that she promotes, but her blog entries are funny and clever and very disarming, if you go for that kind of stuff. I realize that I now sound like some kind of terribly bored stalker or something, but nothing could be further from the truth. I find that different blogs have different merits, like for example, Wil Wheaton, who is the cleverest man in the universe. He can probably have that title because as Wesley Crusher he travelled all over the universe. But who cares about Star Trek (gasp! did I say that?) he's brilliant. Read for yourself. Anyway, I digress.

At Bon's blog (yes, I can call her Bon because in my stalker imagination anyone who has posted a comment on my 12 of 12 is now my friend) she's had a running update on a young woman I've been praying for named Uma who had an aneurism and stroke over the Christmas holidays, and her miraculous recovery is being documented through links at her blog.

It's an amazing story, way the heck better than anything Oprah promotes with The Secret. It's about the power of positive thinking, the power of prayer, the power of love. Anyway, rather than linking to Bon's blog for the story, I found the blog by Uma's friend, who has to be the best friend in the history of friends. It's a good story, and so far, it looks like there's going to be a happy ending.


bon said...

So awesome!

You can totally call me Bon. ;) We 12 of 12ers are casual like that. Hee!

And I'm an Atlanta native, so I still say y'all and BOY do I miss my Chick-fil-A!

I agree that the power of the Uma adventure is amazing. She is a miracle and there is more prayer buzzing about the universe for her than imaginable. We just have to tap into it by believe she will beat this. And then she will. Just like that! :)

Thanks for the prayers. And the link back! Glad you're enjoying the read, even if it is heavy on the Hollywood. ;)

I have fun.


Goldiefish said...

I have another one for you to check out.
I found this recently - the "Lord Have Mercy Bounce" was awesome.