Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm baaaaack ! ! !

Believe me, the hiatus was not my idea.

Apparently, some little blogger-bot decided that my blog had some questionable content due to over-linkage or something like that. Whatever. It thought I was automating things, and so I had to request a review to verify that I was indeed, a real live person. Who knew? I still don't. I'm just happy to have the blog unlocked.

Anyway, great excitement around here, since my suspicions come from a recent little interlude with my friends over at the aptly named Methuselah Foundation, who evidently don't understand irony, or my total lack of interest in their goals for eternal life. I figure, I'll be getting my eternal reward with different packaging--frankly, the idea of living 1000 years just isn't appealing to me. Admittedly, my birthday does engender ruminations on my mortality (hmmm, SAT words)but it's not something that a) scares me or b) sends me into despair. I guess that's the advantage of being Christian, huh? There's more to life than self-serving egotistical gratification. Enough of that soapbox.

In other news, Jonathan getting over an upper respiratory infection. The little nerdlinger pulled a very nice score at the recent math competition, helping the team to 2nd place overall. Christy socked the heck out of Decatur, only to be beat into the ground by Columbus. You win some and lose some. Hey, that's life! All 80 years of it. Lest Vicky should point out that I don't mention her, she gave a phenomenal review to Erin's play, so I'll be watching it this weekend. Hurray. She's got a heck of a voice. Oh, and in case you missed Vic's brilliant comments before---the kid is brilliant!

Meanwhile, work continues to be...work. I may have found the solution to the time situation, as my honey gave me a tres nice birthday gift in the form of a delightful mp3 player. Yes, it's true, I am getting closer to the 21st century every day. One of these day's I'll be able to change my own DVD, or saints alive, maybe I'll be able to get rid of the blinking 12:00 on the stereo. Pathetic, I know, but I prefer to think it lends me a certain charm.

Meanwhile, I'll have to deal with Rascal Flats next to Willie Chirino, because you know that's how I downloaded it.

Cheers, and I'm glad to be back.


Vicky said...

so i'm going to assume that by saying you "downloaded" rascal flatts and willy chirino you really mean that you put them on your mp3 player.

one crazy thought (and i know this might a little much for you) is to not add things to your player as just a song, but that you organize them into folders inside your player. because then, you can skip back and forth between folders, and not have to listen to rascal flatts to get to willy chrino. that's just a thought.

that's all. happy birthday oldie!!

love, vicky

ps - the old gray mule, she ain't what she used to be........

Bego said...

Yeah. That!

rob said...

Welcome back and Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

cortijo said...

Happy Birthday Maria! I hope Jonathan is feeling better.