Tuesday, January 23, 2007

where's the Raid roach spray?

I'm sitting at my desk tonight, minding my own business, answering e-mails, checking up on my on-line class, brainstorming in the most exciting intellectual endeavor I've been involved with in a long time, and Jonathan limps in to watch John play some War Video game.

I can't ignore the conversation--it's taking place 5 feet from me, and it goes like this:

Jon: How's it going?

John: It's been a rough time.

Jon: Oh, what's that?

John: I just finished killing Zergs.

Jon: Zergs? With what?

John: Zerg against Zerg.

Jon: Man!

Can anyone decode this? There isn't a decoder ring in the Cocoa Puffs. I think it may be hormonal.


Anonymous said...

John's playing an awfully old game. But now that you brought it up, I wonder if I can get my old copy of Starcraft installed on the Windows partition on my Mac.

Ask John if you can play Starcraft multiplayer.

Bego said...

It is veeeerrrrrry old---he rediscovered it while cleaning up, and so they've started playing again.

Whatever, they don't criticize my weird distractions.

And yes, I think they play multiplayer.