Wednesday, January 17, 2007

when somebody else says it better

So I read Wil Wheaton's blog. Can you possibly be surprised if you know me? He was Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, so that explains it, right? I stumbled across it a few years ago, and then got sidetracked and forgot about it and rediscovered him last year. Admittedly, I read it initially because it was Wil Wheaton of Wesley Crusher infamy. I stayed around and became a fan because he's a brilliant writer.

I don't always agree with everything he posts, and some of his venues (not his work, necessarily) are not always appropriate for work (because of the ads, mostly), but I suppose I could bypass that by reading from a feed. But then, I'd miss out on some of the pictures and stuff.

Anyway, his posts are about his writing, his family, the cool technology stuff that I wish I understood and want to work with, if only to be able to keep up with what's happening, and a beautifully crafted nostalgic geekiness for things that I remember in the 70's and especially 80's, even though I'm 10 years older than him. In short, it's an eclectic collection of his thoughts---something like what I aspire to here.

This post is a must read for those of you who are working on creative projects, or on your own creativity, or want to create, or are just plain curious now that I've given it such a fabulous introduction. It's not just the post, btw. Read the responses to it in the comment section, and read the link to an article by a guy who came up with a mathematical formula for procrastination.

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