Sunday, January 07, 2007

Peace Jesus

I imagine that this requires some explanation, and unfortunately to get to the explanation, you need some back history...

Last year, the Amazing Red Hat Lady gave us a game called "Visual Eyes." It's a great deal of family fun that requires players to think outside the box and create pairs of words that go together. Twenty dice with pictures are thrown, and players have to create matches based on what they see. For example, a die with a mountain, and a die with a spinning top can pair up and become "mountain top."

The game is tough because of two reasons. First, you have to be clever in pairing the dice, because if someone else has your pair, both of you lose that point. The second part is that the group as a whole decides if a combination will be acceptable. Sometimes, a bit of convincing is necessary in order to save a combo. Most of the time, once a case is made the group will accept it untless it is way out there.

Case in point: Peace Jesus.

Critter drew a grave with a cross marker, and a peace sign. Her answer? Peace Jesus. Cue the ugly gameshow buzzer. No one was going to let that go, but she went ahead to plead her case. No way. Ever. Peace Jesus?

The real competition was between me and Achi, who thinks so far outside the box, that he might be in someone else's box. That, and he is the most anal retentive game-rule person ever. There is no such thing as standard practices in his book. In fact, I wonder if he could ever play Monopoly with all the house rules we have. What a goober.

Nevertheless, I knew from the beginning that he would be a threat. As it happens, we ended the game in a tight score, thanks to LULY WHO TOTALLY PNWNED ME!

How did a five-year old manage to cancel two of my plays?

Inch worm.

She can't even spell yet. Luly drew the pictures and just read the combinations to us when it was her turn. And she killed me.

note to self: don't play words games with little kids.


nat said...

To answer your question about Achi playing w/ your Monopoly house rules...N to the O.
...oh, I'm sorry, was that a rhetorical question? ;-}

btw: Way to go Luly!

Now, send them home already! I didn't even know they were going there daughter keeps shrugging her shoulders at the back door going "Victor?" "Luly?".

nat said...

One more thing:
Peace Jesus??!! bwahaha that's pretty good

how about rest in peace (are words like "in" allowed to join the pair of words?

rob said...

nat... probably not with Alex's "rules"

Goldiefish said...

Apparently the old show business saying of "Never work with small children or animals" applies.

critter said...

Thanks for the tribute...just for the record I said "Peace in Jesus!" You just wait!
BTW Nat, yours was awesome...why didn't I think of that?! I try to think too hard and this is what I get!