Friday, January 26, 2007

Nude jogger? Gross

I'm wondering if the people in this article would change their tune if the guy was built. It just seems that the focus is on the fact that the guy is out of shape (he gets no credit for trying to get in shape?).

Just thinking out loud on this one folks. Having witnessed a nude vollyball game on Virgina Beach in Key Biscayne, Florida back when it was a nude beach in 1981, I can say with definitive authority that people should wear clothes when exercising. Those Greek urns? Yeah, they capture a picture of those athletes frozen in mid action. It'd be a different situation if those urns were animated.

Oh, and Moma and Dad, I was on a field trip for Geology. We went there to study groins.

Note: Okay you naughty people, go read the link. It's an actual geologic term. Of course, I'm not commenting on the obvious....

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Willena said...

Maria, found you from your comment on Chad's blog. I'm crossing my fingers for your daughter's audition for GHP. I went more years ago than I am willing to admit, and it was incredibly life affirming. In fact, I am still in touch (or, rather, back in touch) with some of the people that I went to GHP (in drama) with. Life long friendships are just one of the many benefits of the program.