Thursday, January 18, 2007

It's Snowing (HA!)

Yeah, winter precipitation in Georgia is kinda like watching those ridiculous American Idol auditions. There's just no kind way to laugh out loud at the ludicrousness of it. I just got a textmessage from Vicky alerting me to the exciting news that, at least downtown, it's snowing.

What does that mean in our fair city? Well, first, the news has been all over the threat of this crazy front that's coming through today (and last night). They put out all kinds of winter warnings, advice about road closings, alerts about school closings, etc.

It was all for naught. Nothing. Nada. A little rain that sometimes might have had a little sleet mixed in, but nothing, nothing even remotely approaching an ice storm.

How do the citizens of this fair burg respond? Everybody goes out and buys milk and bread. It's the most curious behavior I've ever seen. I mean, wouldn't you go out and get sterno refills? Firewood? Refills for necessary medicines? Canned spaghettio's?

I would, but that's me. I've actually driven through blizzards, so an 1/8th of an inch of snow isn't going to put me out, even though it literally shuts down the city.I can even understand that. After all, it doesn't usually snow here, so the DOT doesn't have all the resources that, say, Buffalo has, so the icy roads + people who don't know how to drive in this weather + cars that aren't equipped with proper tires = potential carnage. Go ahead and shut down the city.

But please, leave me some milk and bread.


gill030815 said...

Be careful. Have you heard the forecast for Sunday yet?

Bego said...

More HA! they were forecasting snow for Sunday, and then they've changed their minds---it will be wet and wooly--a good excuse to stay indoors and go NOWHERE that requires getting in the car and driving Bluebird Hill.

cortijo said...

I'm so sad I'm missing the snow!

Goldiefish said...

And toilet paper...don't forget the toilet paper! "Field expedience" for that manuver would be scarey.

Vicky said...

oh look. another post that didn't produce a published novel.

Bego said...