Tuesday, December 19, 2006


School's out today. Exams will be over by this afternoon. That means nobody is getting up at 6 am tomorrow!Yay. Or not. It depends on how you feel about having gigantic teenagers sulking around the house.

I can count on one of them sleeping through the whole day trying to catch up on what scientists tell us is impossible: lost sleep.

One will no doubt be playing music that I don't like, or...watching scary, gross, frightening movies all day.

And the third one will be on a constant mission for food.

And what about me? I should be finishing Darknet. Instead, I think I'll clean out the refrigerator.


rob said...

No, no, no! That's why you had kids! Let them clean out the refrigerator... you have more important things to do... like write "Darknet".

cortijo said...

Good for you Maria. I just started my Christmas break yesterday. I'll be here in Rome for the whole Christmas break. Peace,