Sunday, November 12, 2006

November 12 of 12

7:20 AM
Christy walked the pooch before going to church. The afternoon Mass was cancelled, so we figured we'd go early. It was very early. Did I say early? Yeah.

BONUS PICTURE: Thanksgiving.
9:00 AM
This is our chapel, which has my favorite window behind the altar. The window panes are confusing, but there's a cross outside the window. I like it, plus, John had a cow when he saw me carry the camera into church, but this was my intention all along, even though we attended Mass in the main sanctuary, which isn't as lovely, and has a goofy statue of a risen Christ that is....well, I think it's goofy.

10:00 AM

Since we were up we decided to go out for breakfast at one of those all-you-can-eat buffets. This is Jonathan's third or fourth plate. Or rather, what's left of it.

10:30 AM

We went for a drive and found this guy flying a gigantic kite (it looks like a parachute) and he was on this skateboard-looking thing coasting along like he was windsurfing. Very cool.

10:40 AM

Those of you who read my blog regularly, know that I am scandalized by the insane numbers of people driving their electric wheelchairs on the road and risking their lives, plus mine in a crazy endeavor. When I saw this sign I made John turn around and park so I could take the picture. He was mumbling something about spending extra time in purgatory for being an accessory, but I ignored him (as usual).

12:30 PM

The kids raked the yard, but really, all they did was play in the leaves.

3:00 PM

I did some laundry. Again. There's something satisfying about folding towels. Who knew that was a zen of towel-folding?

3:00 PM

Meanwhile, the guys cleaned up the basement. This is the before picture. I didn't post the after because blogger was having a cow, but I'll put it up later. It actually looks like a room now.

5:00 PM

I celebrated with a delicious Australian merlot, but didn't have any cheese or crackers worthy of such a fine wine. Bugles worked in a pinch. Actually, Bugles are pretty good with wine. Perhaps it's gauche, but it was an Aussie wine--they're mavericks, right?

7:30 PM

After dinner Christy and I had our asses handed to us AGAIN. Those boys cheat.

9:00 PM

Here I am working on my novel for NaNoWriMo. You can see the fist of frustration. At least it wasn't the finger.


Tracey said...

I love your comments. I have to subscribe to this blog. You are too funny. I especially liked your observation of electric w/c people. I have noticed that on my way to work in Galveston. That and homeless people that talk to themselves all the time. the pic of the church is beautiful.

leonie said...

you made me cry with the pic of our chapel, many memories ,the kids are beautiful and john needs to work out, you are on a roll girl. enjoy the good stuffhave one on me.

Anonymous said...

Another NaNoWriMoer! I'm doing it too. I'm Sammy on the boards (moderate Other Genres) - what's your name there?

And I took photos of NaNo for my 12 of 12 too! I'm

The Jules said...

I do the baby's laundry now. I find folding clothes relaxing, except that my back hurts by the end of it... haha