Sunday, November 05, 2006

NaNoWriMo Update

So we've had a fine weekend, with some fun at the football game Friday night, an early morning cross country meet which wiped us out totally for the rest of the day (me and Jonathan evidently coming down with something-my migraine returned yesterday by lunch, and is still visiting sunday afternoon- but whatever, that's not what this post is about), and cards with friends last night.

And writing?

Oh, yeah. Not much. Only 1,500 words or so. That's less than half what I needed to do for yesterday and today. That, plus the fact that what I am writing is totally stupid, has somehow oddly spurred me on to continue. Go figure.

I think when I finish I'll even upload it. For grins and giggles. At least it will serve as an example of how necessary revision is. I've already caught myself in a major plot inconsistancy. Thank goodness the book is scrambled and only the words count.


Anonymous said...

ruminations on 'husbands' plural?
How many husbands to you have? :P

Bego said...


I'm still working on my first one, but he's wearing out quickly.