Saturday, November 18, 2006

It's 6 am on a saturday

Anybody get the allusion to Billy Joel? No? Oh, well, it's too early for me to be clever.

Why am I up at this hour? Math Team competition in Athens.

Who told me to have a geeky kid.

Amendment: Did I say Athens? Maybe I wasn't specific enough: The University of Georgia. I drop him off at the high school where the team is gathering, and I see that he's wearing a Georgia Tech cap. Yeah.


Anonymous said...

the regular crowd shuffles in...

happens to be one of my (and joey's) favorite songs. I have to add that because he's looking over my shoulder. :-P

cortijo said...

What was the outcome?

Bego said...

well, Jaime, they've had better performances, but it's a young team and a difficult contest. I think they finished in the low top 10, which is admirable. Jonathan did very well for the only freshman, and finished in about the middle of the pack for the team. That's pretty good and of course we're proud of him.

And then he did the geeky thing and sat at the dinner table with John to work out the problems from the day. I did say geek, right?