Thursday, November 02, 2006

I love autumn

This is my favorite time of year. Ok, well, I like spring, too. And winter. Maybe it's just that I don't like summer, so anything that isn't summer is my favorite time of year. Yeah.

But, I really do like fall.

This afternoon I went to move my car at work. I parked at the end of the lot, which isn't a bad thing during the day, but since I leave at night and it's dark at 8 pm, I like to move closer to the building, where the security people are huddling because they are afraid to patrol the parking lot in the dark.

It was the kind of fall day that made me regret not having my camera. The sun was shining brightly, so you could feel the heat on your face in spite of the cold crisp air. And there was enough of a breeze to make the leaves flutter and rustle about. It was a Great Pumpkin day.

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