Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Burger King's french fries are gross

It's a beautiful day today. The fall colors are absolutely exquisite. When the sun shines brightly at this time of year, the golden leaves and deep reds, in contrast to an unbelievable blue sky, makes me just want to lie in a pile of leaves and look up.

But, no! I am in a tomb with no windows, listening to a priest on the other side of the world ramble about technology. It's a good thing he's gonna be talking about the Simpson's in a minute.

So, because I am in a bitter mood about being stuck in my office instead of playing outside, I post a list of pet peeves. Maybe it will make my bitchy mood go away.

Bego's pet peeves (today--tomorrow I could theoretically have a different list):

people who drive gigantic SUV's and can't park them
people who don't use turn signals
Atlanta traffic
late people
being late
getting out of bed when it's cold
people who wear too much perfume
cell phones
people who think rules don't apply to them
not having time to write
dry erase markers
toxic people
and of course
Burger King's french fries

feel free to add your pet peeves to my list.

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