Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Only in California...

...could the crazies encourage people to bring worms to work. Yeah, it's a plan to have the worms eat all the garbage such as apple cores and leftover sandwiches and create compost which the employees can then take home for their gardens.

Read about it here.

I especially like the part about worms being finicky eaters. "They also seem to harbor a special dislike for bologna sandwiches, though any kind of dairy or meat product is problematic because of the smell.... Like other slender creatures, worms are also finicky about fatty foods and carbs, and eat bread only in moderation. Coffee grounds, on the other hand, and rotting fruit go over very well."

Can you make this stuff up?

Oh, and the part about bologna sandwiches...why are you still buying that poison? Even the worms won't eat it.

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Goldiefish said...

Hippies, you gotta love them. Well you don't have to, but they make me chuckle. Mr. Goldiefish says "in the immortal words of the noted social comedian, Gallagher...'California, what ain't fruit and nut, is flake.'" I love this guy!